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Which Grants Should I Apply to?

Ashley started this conversation

I am a 23-year-old woman focused on building a successful Independent Record Company. I have been operating a home-based music production company for 4 years now and have worked with hundreds of local musicians producing industry-standard CDs/DEMOs, while releasing my own original projects as well. I am now trying to take things to the next level and setup an Indie Record Label storefront. I'd like to still keep the company home-based... studio downstairs and home upstairs, to cut down on expenses. I need this money to help with living costs while building the business as well as providing for equipment, inventory, legal, and marketing costs. A full business plan and grant proposal is ready and waiting. Any guidance you may have regarding which Grants that are applicable, is welcomed. Thank you. 


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S. Taylor

Hi ashley, excuse the intrusion but i came across your post and after reading it. I wanted to applaud you for the continuing success you seem to be having. I wish you all the best on your up coming endeavors and I admire and respect you for persuing and achieving your set goals. I think it is a blessing to see young women making a difference. God bless

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